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As with virtually all sectors in our economy, the dog walking industry came to a complete standstill at the end of March 2020 when the UK was placed in lockdown and unfortunately we’re all about to be locked down again for the month of November. When we emerged after a lovely long, and slightly worrying break in June, we were eager to resume our normal routines, but we have soon come to realise we can’t just pick up where we left off as peoples working lives have changed so much.

The majority of our clients are in full time employment and have, in the past, used our services to provide exercise for their dog, to break up their day and to socialise them with other friendly dogs whilst they are away from the home. Good old Covid-19 brought this to an end when so many people were told to work from home.

Working from home sounded amazing didn’t it: typing away on your laptop with your best mate curled up at your feet, patiently waiting for you to finish you work day…. but it didn’t quite work out like that, did it? We have a home office; two small children and two energetic dogs, so know exactly what is can be like! We’ve come up with a few reasons why you should hire a professional dog walker when working from home:



Dogs are very much creatures of habit and thrive on routine. For example, does your dog have an internal clock that knows exactly what time his dinner should be? I know mine do! It gets to 5pm and they are stood next to the food bin waiting expectantly. This is the same for other aspects in their life too: If your dog is used to having a lunch time walk every day, he will be expecting it whether or not you have a day full Zoom meetings or big deadline to meet. If your dogs are anything like mine, they sit there and stare at you, willing you to take them for a walk. They just don’t understand why they are being ignored and you’re sat talking to a laptop all day.

By hiring a dog walker, you will guarantee they get that break to release their energy, break up their day and keep them on a regular schedule.


Dogs Don’t Make Productive Co-workers

If you usually work in an office, I’m sure you have a few co-workers that have unusual habits. I bet those co-workers don’t nibble on the furniture when they are being ignored, follow you round like a lost shadow every time you need to get up out your seat or stare at you dead in the eye and pee on the carpet because you were concentrating on your work instead of letting them out for a pee in the garden…

Hiring a dog walker when you’re working from home will make sure that your dog gets attention and stimulations when you’re concentrating on important work things. It also keeps your dog on a schedule so you don’t have to think about letting them out for a pee or keeping them entertained. We can also tire your dog out so when they are returned, they will hopefully sleep for a few hours whilst your crack on with your work.


Dogs Like To Pick Their Moments

Picture this: You’ve worked all week on your presentation and you’re about to pitch to your organisation over Zoom. You have put the dog in the other room so they don’t interrupt your big moment. You’re five minutes in to your presentation and everything is going really well then there is a knock on the front door, it’s the postie…. All of a sudden, the dog is barking in the room next door, the post lady keeps knocking as she can hear you are in, the dog is getting louder and louder and you completely lose your train of thought and the presentation is ruined!

Scheduling a dog walker during important meetings can prevent distractions before they happen. They get some exercise and you can deliver that amazing presentation you’ve worked so hard at all week.


Know Someone Has Always Got Your Tail

Professional Dog Walkers create a really close bond with the dogs they walk. It doesn’t matter if they are walking your dog on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, we care for your dog as if it were our own. If something comes up and you need to get into the office for the odd day or there is an emergency and you need to leave your dog at home, it’s always useful to have a trusted dog walker on speed dial that both you and your dog know and trust.



Gives you’re a break

So many of our clients have said how their dog have become their shadow over lockdown. If they get up to get a glass of water, the dog follows. If they get up to go to the loo, the dog follows. It becomes suffocating and it’s not fair on you or your dog.

By hiring a professional dog walker, it gives you a break and some freedom to move round the house without being followed everywhere. It also gives your dog some “dog time” to play with other dogs and to be round another human being other than their owner.


Back to office – what happens?

So, you’ve been working from home or you have been furloughed on and off since March. Your dog has got used to you being around the house a lot more and loves having company throughout the day. What happens when things get back to normal? You go back to work in the office, your furlough leave comes to an end so you return to work full time, or you find a new job which means you’re out the house a lot more. You can’t explain to your dog what is happening: All of a sudden, you’re just not there. Your dog can become lonely and anxious. They can start rebelling to get your attention or they pine for you whilst at work which isn’t fair on your dog or your neighbours (if barking and whining is involved).

Hiring a professional dog walker to come in during the day when you’re working from home will get your dog used to being away from you as well as creating a nice routine for them to continue with once you’ve gone back to work. We can do a shorter walk whilst you’re working from home and do longer walks whilst they are home alone.


A Dog Walker is an Invaluable Asset for Your Home Office

Whilst working from home with your dogs can be one of the best decisions you’ll make, it certainly can throw you some curve balls. Your dog will love to have you for the day and doesn’t understand what “work” really is! Please consider hiring a professional dog walker when working from home to take some pressure off you and keep your dog exercised and stimulated. Your boss and conference call members will thank you!


So, if you'd lie to reap the benefits of hiring a professional dog walker whilst you're working from home, give Lakeland Dog Walker a call. Trust us, you wont regret it!

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