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Our Services

Over the years we have offered a multitude of different services, however as the business has grown and we have become older and wiser, we have narrowed down the services we offer to only those that we excel at.
You can be assured that whether your pet is getting home visits when they're too young or too old to join the pack, or your dog is out on one of our extremely social pack walks, or they're hitting the fells on our Expawdition Days, they'll be looked after as if they are our own and get lots of love and attention from the Lakeland Dog Walker team.

Social Dg Wlk
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Social Dog Walking

30, 60 or 90minute

available Monday to Friday 9:30am-14:30pm

£11-£18 (we do a "buy one get one half price" for additional dogs from the same house)

One of the Lakeland Dog Walker team will pick your dog(s) up from home and head out to a number of potential locations depending on how long they are booked in for. As a general rule:

30 minute walks are usually short, sharp, on-lead walks from the house and costs £11.00 for one dog.


60 minute walks are either from the house or can mean a ride in the van for some off -lead fun.  This will cost £14.00  for one dog.


90 minute walks tend to be in the woods or a walk from the house to a free field or park for some off lead fun. This service will cost £18.00  for one dog.

As you can imagine, it is hard to have set times for walks until we know which dogs are booked in on that day. We tend to have two walks per day per dog walker: one in the morning and one at lunch time (with an occasional third walk if  we have lots of 30/60min walks booked in) therefore we ask you to select a time slot opposed to a specific time..


Expawdition Days

Your dog will be out the house for 4 hours between 9:30 & 14:30

available Monday to Friday

£30 (we do a "buy one get one half price" for additional dogs from the house)

If you know you're having a long day at work, you have a dog free activity to enjoy or you'd prefer your dog to have company throughout the day, they can spend a good chunk of the day with us at Lakeland Dog Walker.

Your dog will be collected between 9:30 and 10:30am and returned happy, relaxed and satisfied four hours later (depending on what we have planned, we may pick up earlier and drop off slightly later).

Each expawdition will be different as it will depend on the weather, how many dogs are booked in and if it is school holidays or not (we avoid heading into the Lake District during peak times).

Expawdition Days involve on-lead walking, off-lead walking, play time, swimming and rest time (for the dog and the dog walker!)

​We have up to 6 dogs per dog walker, so your dog will make plenty of four-legged friends to explore different environments with.

To limit joint damage and to avoid exhaustion, we have a minimum age of 6 months for our longer walks.


Paired Dog Walks

45 minutes

available Monday to Friday 11:30am-14:30pm

£18  for one dog (or £25 if both dogs are from the same household)

Most of the walks we go on are group pack walks of up to six friendly dogs. We know not all dogs will enjoy this sort of walk, therefore this service is designed for the quieter, more introvert dogs who don't like the hustle and bustle of pack life.

This service is also great for dogs who get over excited in a bigger pack, have more specialist needs or are young and need a stepping stone before joining our Social Pack Walks.

Our Paired Dog Walks are 45minutes, usually from the house. You can either book two dogs from the same household (£25), or if you just have one dog, we pair them up with a dog that we think will get along well from another household (£18).

If you would like a solo dog walk, so a 1-2-1 dog walk, this will be charged at £25 for 45minutes (please let us know when booking if you require a solo walk).

Please give us plenty of notice when booking this service so we have a staff member available.


Pet Pop-Ins

available Monday to Friday 9am - 3pm

If you have a pet that doesn't require a walk, we can pop in for up to ten minutes to feed them, change bedding, let them out for a pee in the garden, change litter trays or simply just give them some attention when you're unable to.

This service is suitable for young puppies or older dogs that need a pee break or two when you're at work or away for the day.


If you're going on holiday, we can also pop in and see to cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chickens, donkeys, even your gold fish...

We are available Monday to Friday, 9:00-15:00. ​

                                                     1 visit a day               2 visits a day

Our Pop-In & Feeding prices:        £6.50                          £12.00

The prices above are based on a 10 minute visit.

If you require a longer visit, you can book extended visits at an additional £5 per 10minutes. 

We are more than happy to set automated feeding dishes to open at your pets normal feeding times.

When booking, please let us know what time you'd like us to aim for and if you require extended visits.


Didn’t find the service you need? Feel free to contact us and we can see if we can help.
If not, I'm sure we can point you in the direction of someone who can.

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