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Book a service with Lakeland Dog Walker

The week is planned every Sunday, so we advise getting booked in before Sunday to avoid disappointment. The online booking system closes at 17:00 the previous day as this is when the rotas get sent to the dog walkers for the next day. The later you leave it to book, the less chance you have of getting the service you require. 

If you try and book a service after 17:00 the previous day online, they system will not let you. We may be able to help you, so please contact Naomi asap to get your pet added to the diary.

Please note that your dog(s) will be collected within the timeslot you choose. If you'd like us to collect your dog(s) at a certain time or if your dog needs to be returned by a certain time, please let us know when booking.

Dog Walking services are available Monday to Friday, 09:30 - 14:30 and Pet Pop-Ins are available everyday (however on Bank Holidays and at the weekends, we just do our pop-ins around 9:30am and around 5:30pm ish).

Book Now: Welcome
Book Now: Text

It's easy once you know how, but for the first few times you book a service, it can be a little confusing so we've made it simple for you:

To Book a Service

Click the "Book Now" button above which will open a new page.


Enter your log in details, then click the "request services" button on the left hand side of the screen.

A calendar appears: Click the dates you need our services.

Select the service you require using the drop down menu.

Choose a pick-up time slot (if you require a specific pick up time, please let us know, otherwise it will be between the time slot you have selected)

If there is anything you think we should know about or you want us to aim for a more precise time, please write this in the "Add Notes" box.

Click "Add to Basket"

If you have other services to book, please do the same as above.

Finally, click the green "submit now" box on the right of the screen and the requests will be sent to us. (If you fail to click this box, we will not receive your requests until 5pm the day before therefore we may not have space).

To Cancel a Service

If you want to see what services you have booked, or need to cancel a service, click "View Schedule" and a list or a calendar will appear.

To cancel a service, make sure you're on the LIST view and just click the green "cancel" button then "Yes, cancel service" button.

To book, cancel or ammend a service, please give us as much notice as possible but the deadline is 17:00 the day before for social dog walks and pet pop-ins, and 9:30 the day before for Solo / Paired Walks and Expawdition Days as this is when a team member is assigned their jobs for the next day.  There will be a cancellation fee if you need to cancel after 17:00 the day before

Please note, a service is not confirmed and in the diary until you get the confirmation email sent to you

View our Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions, by clicking the link.

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