Our Story

We're a very friendly bunch

In 2014, Naomi took the biggest risk of her life: she gave up her job as a retail manager and set up Lakeland Dog Walker. Professional dog walking was a relatively new concept in the area, so there were people that thought she was crazy! Her parents run their own restaurant (Quince and Medlar) and her husband has his own mountain activity company (Lakeland Mountain Guides), so she knew what it took to be self employed. With her love of dogs and knowledge gained through achieving a first class honours degree in Adventure Tourism Management, she had the basic tools to set up her own business. Before she knew it, business was booming!
After a year of being a Keswick based one-woman-band, Hannah, (Naomi’s Sister-in-Law) became a Lakeland Dog Walker too and started walking dogs in the Cockermouth area. They made a great team and only a few months later, another pair of hands were needed, and then another ,and then another!
The Lakeland Dog Walker team these day compiles of Naomi, Hannah and Sam.

Over the years, the Cockermouth side of the business got busier and stronger, so she decided to concentrate on offering services to the Cockermouth area and has downscaled the business to provide a more personal service.


Meet the Lakeland Dog Walkers

Get to Know Us

Naomi Le Voi

Naomi Le Voi

Owner / Pack Leader

Naomi is the owner of the business so all your enquiries and bookings go through her. Since starting a family in 2017, Naomi wasn't able to physically dog walk full time as she has two little humans to juggle too (Isabelle, 3 and Finnley, 1). Now that both children attend nursery, Naomi is back dog walking full time.

Hannah Turner

Hannah Turner

Pack Leader

Hannah is second in command and has been a full-time dog walker in Cockermouth since early 2016. She has created some strong bonds with the dogs she walks. Owners are often commenting on how excited their dog gets when they hear her coming up the drive. The dogs mean that much to Hannah that her partner arranged some of them to be involved with his marriage proposal on Latrigg last summer (of course, she said yes!)


The Next Generation of Dog Walkers

One of the perks of our job is that we can occasionally bring our children to work with us. They love it as much as we do (most of the time) and the dogs have learnt to respect them which is great socialisation for all involved.

Isabelle Le Voi


Chief Mischief Maker

Isabelle is Naomi's daughter. She's been walking with the dogs since she was 5 weeks old. She can name most of the different dog breeds we look after and really enjoys taking the older, slower dogs for a walk.

Finnley Le Voi


Chief Biscuit Sharer

Finnley is Naomi's Son and is 18 months old. It wont come as a surprise that his first word was "dog"! He can walk for miles and doesn't get bored - he's a true dog walker in the making. He loves handing out biscuits to the dogs.


The Dog Walker's Dogs

Being a dog walker's dog is like hitting the jackpot!



Bindi is the result of Naomi getting puppy broody after doing the puppy play dates. She's full of beans, loves a cuddle and never tires!


Lexi the Lab sadly passed away in March 2021 but she's the main reason Naomi started Lakeland Dog Walker! She'll hold a very special place in our hearts.


Burleigh the Springer Spaniel is arguably the cutest member of the team. She is Hannah's dog. and she's like a duracell battery that never tires


There have been some fantastic people that have worked for Lakeland Dog Walker over the years too:
Sam is still working as a Lakeland Dog Walker until the end of August but then she's going to be starting her own company "Terry's Tails", taking over the Dearham, Dovonby and Broughton area.
Miechelle worked in Cockermouth and would take the dogs cani-cross running and practise her training techniques on the pack. She decided to start her own dog walking company in Workington: K9 Adventures Cumbria.

Holly worked in Keswick and would take the dogs on some fun adventures in to the hills. Holly left the team to go travelling and now works for Alpacherly Ever After walking Llamas
Kat worked for us on a part time basis alongside her house renovation business. Kat left the team to start her family and now has a gorgeous son called Ozzy and another baby on the way!
Bryan started working for Lakeland Dog Walker on a part time basis then worked his way up to a full time team member before taking over the Keswick side of the business completely under a new name: K9 Krew Keswick.