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Our Story

We're a very friendly bunch

In 2014, Naomi took the biggest risk of her life: she gave up her job as a retail manager and set up Lakeland Dog Walker. Professional dog walking was a relatively new concept in the area, so there were people that thought she was crazy! Her parents ran their own restaurant (Quince and Medlar Restaurant) and her husband has his own mountain activity company (Lakeland Mountain Guides), so she knew what it took to be self employed. With her love of dogs and knowledge gained through achieving a first class honours degree in Adventure Tourism Management, she had the basic tools to set up her own business. Before she knew it, business was booming and after a year of being a Keswick based one-woman-band, Hannah, (Naomi’s Sister-in-Law) became a Lakeland Dog Walker too. Hannah started walking dogs in the Cockermouth area, and  because they made such a great team, it only took a few months before another pair of hands was needed, and then another and then another!

As the business continued to grow, Naomi found herself having to spend more and more time managing the business instead of doing the hands-on work which she enjoyed. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Naomi decided to drastically downsize the business by offering some of her current staff the chance to run their own dog walking companies. Bryan took over Keswick dogs, Sam took over the Village dogs around Cockermouth and Miechelle set up her own company focusing on Workington. Naomi loves the fact she was able to give her team the opportunity to run their own business whilst not leaving her current customers without a dog walker.
The Lakeland Dog Walker team these day compiles of Naomi, Hannah, Mattias and Niamh with the catchment area for dog walking being Cockermouth. They pride themselves in offering a five star service, giving dogs the opportunity to play with other friendly dogs in a safe and caring environment.

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Meet the Lakeland Dog Walkers

Get to Know Us


Naomi Le Voi

Owner / Pack Leader

Naomi is the owner of Lakeland Dog Walker, so all your enquiries and bookings go through her. Since starting a family in 2017, Naomi wasn't able to dog walk full time as she had two little humans to juggle too (Isabelle, 6 and Finnley, 4). Now that both children are in school, Naomi is back dog walking full time and loves it! 

Naomi loves woodland walks where she's not very likely to bump into anyone, so she can let the well behaved dogs off the lead for a good run and play.

Naomi enjoys photography and often gets the dogs to line up for a fun photo whilst on their adventures.

Naomi has two dogs; Bindi who is a Goldendoodle and Noodle who is a Bernedoodle.

Hannah Turner

Hannah Le Voi

Pack Leader

Hannah is second in command and has been a full-time dog walker in Cockermouth since early 2016. She has created some strong bonds with the dogs she walks. Owners are often commenting on how excited their dog gets when they hear her coming up the drive. The dogs mean that much to Hannah that her partner arranged some of them to be involved with his marriage proposal on Latrigg (of course, she said yes and they're now happily married).

Hannah's favourite walk is in Harris Park where she often gets congratulated for having such good control of the dogs in her care.

Hannah has a Springer Spaniel called Burleigh as well as two cats called Sapphire and Socks.

Mattias 1.jpg

Mattias Norendal

Pack Leader

Mattias joined the LDW team early in 2021. He worked for Naomi's parents in their restaurant (Quince & Medlar) for years, so he already felt like part of the family. 

He goes everywhere on foot (unlike Naomi and Hannah who have dog transportation vans), so as you can imagine, his step count for a day at work is huge!

The dogs took to him straight away which is lovely and he now knows all the secret walks around Cockermouth.

Mattias lives with his Mum and siblings and they have a rough haired collie called Tansy and Sky the Siamese cat.


Niamh Martin

Pack Leader

Niamh is the newest member of the team and has slotted in amazingly. Niamh mostly does her pick ups on foot, but on occasions, she is insured to collect the dogs in her car too for an out of town adventure.

Niamh has wanted to work with animals for as long as she can remember, and she was meant to come and join us for her schools work experience, but Covid19 put a stop to it. When we needed an extra pair of hands in 2022, it was great to be able to offer Niamh a job.

She studied Level 3 Animal Management at college, so she has the knowledge as well as the heart to be an amazing dog walker.

Niamh lives in Cockermouth with her family dog, Molly.

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The Dog Walker's Dogs

Being a dog walker's dog is like hitting the jackpot!

About: Team Members

If you want to find out more about the Lakeland Dog Walker team, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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