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Holiday Dates

We work Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 15:00 throughout the year.

We do not walk any dogs or offer our Pet Feeding services at a weekend or on bank holidays, but because we have a team of four, we can cover staff holidays between us. When we are a staff member down, we will put our availability on our WhatsApp group and our Clients Only Facebook page as we do get fully booked during staff absences.

The only time we can't walk dogs during the week is over our Christmas holiday, when we close the business for a break. This year, we shall be closing at 14:30 on Friday 20th December 2024 and reopening on Thursday 2nd January 2025.

Usually the staff only get 4 weeks off a year plus a week at Christmas, however this year I have agreed to unpaid leave, meaning the team have more holidays booked than usual...

The dates we are a staff member down during 2024:

Wednesday 3rd January - Thursday 18th January (Mattias)

Thursday 22nd February (Mattias)

Monday 11th March - Friday 22nd March (Hannah)

Tuesday 30th April - Wednesday 15th May (Mattias)

Tuesday 28th May (Hannah)

Tuesday 4th June - Wednesday 12th June (Niamh)

Monday 17th June - Friday 21st June (Hannah)

Monday 1st July - Friday 5th July (Naomi)

Tuesday 9th July - Wednesday 24th July (Mattias)

Thursday 1st August (Niamh)

Monday 5th August - Thursday 8th August (Naomi)

Wednesday 21st - Monday 26th August (Naomi)

Monday 7th October - Monday 11th November (Mattias)

Friday 8th November - Monday 25th November (Hannah)

Thursday 3rd January 2025 (Mattias)

We close the business down over Christmas so cannot help after 14:30 on Friday 20th December 2024 and before 9:30 on Thursday 2nd January 2025

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