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We have a multitude of services ranging from pet pop-ins and pet feeding to dog walking and full adventure days.
You can be assured that whether your pet is getting home visits whilst you are on holiday or your dog is out on one of our extremely social pack walks, they'll be looked after as if they were our own and get lots of love and attention from the Lakeland Dog Walker team.


Social Dog Walking

30 minutes to 2.5 hours

available Monday to Friday 10am-2pm during lockdown

We aim to make every walk great fun for each dog by playing with them using a variety of balls, toys and training aids.

One of the Lakeland Dog Walker team will pick your dog(s) up from home and head out to a number of potential locations depending on how long they are booked in for:

30 minute walks are usually short sharp on-lead walks from the house and costs £8.50 (+50% for every additional dog from the same address)


60 minute walks can mean a ride in the van for some off -lead fun. This will cost £12.50 (+50% for every additional dog from the same address)


90 minute walks tend to be in the woods or a trip to the beach if the tide is out and will cost £15 (+50% for every additional dog from the same address)

2.5 hour walks are usually a combination of all of the above with a charge of £20 (+50% for every additional dog from the same address

As you can imagine, it is hard to have set times for walks until we know which dogs are booked in on that day. We tend to have 4 walks per day: 2 in a morning and 2 in an afternoon therefore we ask you to select  either a "morning" or "afternoon" walk.

Adventure Days

During lockdown, we are offering "Lockdown Adventure Days" which will cost £25 and run between 10am and 2pm (ish)

normally £30 for a full day of fun, play and exploring  (+50% for every additional dog from the same address)

If you know you're having a long day at work, you have a dog free activity to enjoy or you'd prefer your dog to have company throughout the day, they can spend the day with us at Lakeland Dog Walker.

For full Adventure Days, your dog will be collected at around 9:30 and returned happy, relaxed and satisfied at 16:00. 

Each adventure will be different as it will depend on the weather, how many dogs are booked in and if it is school holidays or not (we avoid heading into the Lake District during peak times).

Adventure Days involve on-lead walking, off-lead walking, play time, swimming and rest time (for the dog and the dog walker!)

​We have up to 6 dogs per Dog Walker, so your dog will make plenty of four-legged friends to explore different environments with.

To limit joint damage and to avoid exhaustion, we have a minimum age of 8 months for our adventure days.


Pet Pop-Ins

For all pets big and small

If you have a pet that doesn't require a walk, we can pop in for ten minutes to feed them, change bedding, let them out for a pee in the garden, change litter trays or simply just give them some attention when you're unable to.

This service is suitable for young puppies or older dogs that need a pee break or two when you're at work or away for the day.


If you're going on holiday, we can also pop in and see to cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chickens, donkeys, even your gold fish...

1 visit a day: £6

2 visits a day: £11

3 visits a day: £16

If a more thorough clean of cages/hutches/stables etc is needed, this will be an additional £5.

The prices above are based on a 10 minute visit. If it is expected that the visit will take longer than 15 minutes, we will discuss how much it will cost beforehand.

Puppy Play Dates

Socialisation from a young age is so important but unfortunately, due to being in lockdown we cannot hold our play dates. Instead, you can book a 30 minute dog walk (cost of £8.50) and we can take your puppy on a social dog walk with other friendly dogs (suitable for dogs over 4 months)

We hold three puppy play dates every Friday, usually between the months of April and October. However as there seems to be so many puppies around at the moment, we have extended our session throughout the year. We are on a hunt for a new location for 2021 though: Until we have confirmed a new location, our puppy play dates will be paused.

Session 1 is 9:45 - 10:15. This is for the more confident puppy, roughly between 4 and 6 months old who wants to play and explore, that have met and interacted with other dogs before.

Session 2 (12:00 - 12:30) and Sesion 3 (13:30 - 14:00). are aimed at puppies under 4 months old that are on the timid/fragile side that need a confidence boost around new people and other young puppies.


£3 if you bring your puppy along.

£6 if we come and collect and drop off your puppy.

The Lakeland Dog Walkers are not dog trainers or dog behaviourists, so these sessions are purely to give your puppy a good run around and to make some new friends. They can be quite chaotic, but great fun.​

All puppies must be fully vaccinated and it is recommended they have the kennel cough vaccine. 

If a Lakeland Dog Walker comes to collect/drop off your puppy​, you will receive photo of the fun and games from the session.


Didn’t find the service you need? Feel free to contact us and we can see if we can help.
If not, I'm sure we can point you in the direction of someone who can.



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