Working Hours:

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 16:30

(we will be back working on Saturdays in Jan 2020)

Areas Covered:

Keswick (inc Portinscale, Braithwaite & Thornthwaite)

Cockermouth (inc Dearham, tallentire, Little & Great Broughton)



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Puppy Play Dates

Come and join us with your Puppy - Socialisation is so important for many reasons. 

Why is it so important for your dog to be well socialised?

It’s a well-known fact that puppy classes help prevent behaviour problems and increase the likelihood a dog will become a great pet and lifelong companion. Dogs are social creatures and needs interaction with you, other people and other animals, beginning very early in life.

Companionship is necessary for your dog’s emotional well-being. Involve your dog with your family, as well as friends and new faces, right from the start.

Socialisation means exposing your puppy to as many new people, animals, environments and other stimuli as possible without overwhelming him/her.

If your dog isn’t properly socialised, they can develop permanently ingrained fear responses and generalised anxiety. This type of behaviour problem can ultimately make your dog unsuitable as a pet - for you or anyone else.

Our Puppy Play Dates

If you have a young puppy (8 months and under), why not come and join us for a fun-filled play in the park. It's a great way to socialise your puppy and get them used to being around other dogs and new people. It's also a great opportunity to let your puppy off the lead for the first time as we have found they like to stick together and don't venture too far. There will also be lots of eyes on them, so very little chance for them to do a runner.

We suggest that older, more confident puppies come at 9:30am and the younger, more timid puppies come at 10am once the excitement levels have faded a bit.

These sessions are aimed at growing puppies confidence around other dogs, therefore if you have a very boisterous, energetic or even aggressive puppy, these sessions aren't for you, sorry.

All puppies must be fully vaccinated and it is recommended they have the kennel cough vaccine. 

When you bring your puppy along to a Puppy Play Date, Lakeland Dog Walker takes no responsibility for you or your puppy.


We meet next to the tennis courts in Harris Park at 9:30am every Monday (apart from the Bank Holidays)

The sessions will last about 60 minutes but you are free to come and go as you please within this hour.

Cost: £2 per puppy (all profits go to charity!)

If you can't bring your puppy along for whatever reason,  we can come and pick them up and drop them off. This will cost £10 per puppy.​

When you bring your puppy along to a Puppy Play Date, Lakeland Dog Walker takes no responsibility for you or your puppy - We are simply hosting.