Puppy Play Dates

Come and join us with your Puppy - Socialisation is so important for many reasons. 

Why is it so important for your dog to be well socialised?

It’s a well-known fact that puppy classes help prevent behaviour problems and increase the likelihood a dog will become a great pet and lifelong companion. Dogs are social creatures and needs interaction with you, other people and other animals, beginning very early in life.

Companionship is necessary for your dog’s emotional well-being. Involve your dog with your family, as well as friends and new faces, right from the start.

Socialisation means exposing your puppy to as many new people, animals, environments and other stimuli as possible without overwhelming him/her.

If your dog isn’t properly socialised, they can develop permanently ingrained fear responses and generalised anxiety. This type of behaviour problem can ultimately make your dog unsuitable as a pet - for you or anyone else.

Our Puppy Play Dates

Our usual location for Puppy Play Dates (Harris Park Tennis Courts) annoyingly became a dog free zone over lockdown so we had to stop holding them until we found a new suitable location. Luckily, one of our amazing Lakeland Dog Walker customers based in Dearham has offered their secure garden as a temporary location! The exact location will be emailed to you when you book on to a Play Date.

We are going to be holding two Play Dates on a Friday. The first will be 10am to 10:30am. This is aimed at puppies under 5 months that may be more on the timid/fragile side. The second one will be at 1pm to 1:30pm and this will be for puppies more lively puppies that are 5-6months old.

We are hoping to organise a socialisation walk once a week for the older puppies but this will be announced shortly. We will just get our head around the Play Dates to start off with.

With the new guide lines from the government, we have had to limit the number of people that come to the play dates, so where possible, could your puppy just bring one human with them for now. To book your place, register your details here then book your place. As we do have limited places, it may be best to contact us before booking to make sure there is a place available.

Please could I ask that you wear a mask when you are stood near another puppy owner (these can be removed if you’re stood more than 2m away from anyone else).

Hand sanitiser and Poo bags will be available.

I am not a dog trainer or a dog behaviourist so these sessions are purely to give your puppy a good run around and to make some new friends. They can be quite chaotic, but great fun.

All puppies must be fully vaccinated and it is recommended they have the kennel cough vaccine. 

When you bring your puppy along to a Puppy Play Date, Lakeland Dog Walker takes no responsibility for you or your puppy.

If you can't make it to our puppy play dates but would like your puppy to be socialised and have lots of fun, we can take them for a 30 minute walk with other young dogs at a time and place that suits you (Mon - Fri, 9am - 4:30pm)

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