Puppy Play Dates

Unfortunately due to social distancing and our usual location becoming a dog free zone since Lockdown, we have had to pause our puppy play dates.

If you know of anywhere that would be suitable to hold our play dates, please let me know. I'm happy to pay if it's the only option...

We'd need an outside, secure space with parking nearby and in or around Cockermouth

Even though we aren't holding our puppy play dates at the moment, there are plenty of other ways to socialise them with people and dogs.

We suggest making a list of all of the humans you know who have children, dogs, or other animals. Who has a large, well-behaved dog? Who has a small dog? Who has a calm dog and cat? Add them all to your list then  invite friends over or schedule a playdate.

It's suggested that puppies meet at least 100 other people in their first month at home. These should include a diverse group of people like:

  • Different heights, ages, and ethnicities

  • People in wheelchairs

  • People with canes or walkers

  • People in large hats

You’ll also want your puppy to meet as many well-behaved, healthy dogs as possible in the first few months.

Seek out large breeds, like a German Shepherd, and smaller breeds, like a Chihuahua. Start by holding your pet or keeping them on a leash to make sure that the two pets are going to get along. If they seem fine, let them play freely together. Just keep an eye on your pup.

We find that the local parks are a good place to meet like minded people and there are always plenty of dogs to choose from. Just make sure you ask the owners permission and make sure the dog is healthy and friendly before you introduce your puppy to them. I know it may be terrifying for you, but try and stay as calm and relaxed as possible as your puppy will pick up on how you're feeling and will react differently if you're tense and anxious.

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