Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

If you have any other questions, or you need a more detailed answer, please don't hesitate to contact us.

"What areas do you cover?"
Our main catchment area is Cockermouth and the surrounding villages (Dearham, Brigham, Broughton Cross, Little Broughton, Great Broughton & Embleton).

We can do a little further out as one off walks every now & again but we can't do regular walks outside of our usual radius. You will be charged an extra £5 to help cover the fuel charge that gets paid to the team.

"Are all dogs suitable for walking?"

We are only suitable for the average friendly, family dog. We do not accept any bitches that are in season and we will not accept any dogs with aggressive tendencies or any registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act. We can only take out one entire male per walk, so if you have an unneutered male, it is best to book well in advance. We also do not accept dogs that bark or howl excessively or pull excessively on a lead (especially if they can't be let off lead).

"How do I book a service?"

We have a very handy online Booking System. If you are a new customer or you have not yet inputted your data, you need to register yourself and your pet(s) on to our database.

If you're a returning customer, you need to LOG IN then follow the steps on the website to choose the service you want, when you want it, and, if it is a one off walk or a regular weekly walk.

"Can I meet the walker beforehand?"

Absolutely, this is something we strongly encourage. We want you to be 100% happy about the walker who's taking your dog out every day. It's also a good idea to have your dog meet the walker in your presence before they come into your home without you there.

We do understand this is not always possible, especially if you're just visiting the area or need last minute help.

"What is your cancellation policy?"

As we have limited places, a cancellation policy has been put in place. We understand circumstances can change last minute so you have until 18:00 the day before to cancel or amend a booking.


If you cancel a walk after 18:00 the previous day you will be charged 50% of the service cost as a walker will have already been assigned to do the walk and they obviously need paying.

If you cancel on the day a service is booked or If your dog is booked in and we come to your house to pick them up and they are not there or we are unable to get in your house for whatever reason, you will be charged in full.

"How is billing and payment handled?"

You can pay cash on a daily basis or we can email you an invoice on the last day of every month. Payment is due within 14 days from receiving the invoice monthly. 

All payments should be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer.


Bank Transfer: A simple, direct payment into our bank account. When asked for the 'Payee Reference' please enter your pet's name and your surname. (i.e. Lexi - Le Voi)

Account Name: Lakeland Dog Walker

Sort Number: 01-02-17

Account Number: 23127740


Cash: Please place cash in a sealed envelope with your pet's name and the date written on the front. (i.e. Lexi - January)

Cheque: Please write your dogs name on the back of the cheque. Due to local bank closures, cheques will be paid in as soon as possible, however it may be about a month before I can get to the nearest bank.

"Are you available evenings, weekends and bank holidays?"

Our normal working hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 16:30 throughout the year, however we do offer PEt Feeding at the weekends and our Wedding PAckages can be done any day of the week.

We do not offer any dog walking services on Bank Holidays or at the weekends.

"Do we have to give you a set of keys to our home?"

We prefer to use a secure key box so any one of the Lakeland Dog Walkers can attend to your pets needs. It also makes logistics a lot easier as we are not having to meet up and swap over keys each day.

if you do not like the thought of a key box, please provide us with 2 sets of keys to keep hold of (one for myself and one for the other Lakeland dog walker that sees to your pet).
Under no circumstances will we ever label your key with your address, or have your secret code saved anywhere other than on our password protected database.

"I'm going away for a few days, can my dog stay with you?"

Unfortunately not: anyone keeping animals at their home in exchange for money needs a licence from the council which we don't have. We used to offer a Home Sitting service, but since Naomi has mini humans in her life now (and the other Lakeland Dog Walkers have other commitments at the weekends and in the evening), we can no longer offer this service. We can recommend a few other companies that do dog boarding and home sitting though, so please just ask.

"Do you take photos of our pets?"

Yes, we try and take photos and videos of our daily adventures. These photos will be sent to you after each visit along with a little report of what your pet got up too. We may also use these pictures and videos on the website, social media and in advertising. Some of the photos may also be used in competitions and for merchandise such as greeting cards and the yearly calendar. If you do not want us using photos of your pets, please let us know when booking.

"Will my dog be walked by the same person each day?"

Yes and No: There are four main dog walkers in the team. Naomi, Hannah, Miechelle & Sam.

Hannah & Miechelle cover Cockermouth and Sam covers the surrounding villages.

Naomi walks dogs wherever she is needed.

We try and organise the day so your dog will get the same dog walker each visit, however we do sometimes have to chop and change depending on which dogs are booked in, how busy we are and who is working.

Working Hours:

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 16:30

Weekends: Pet Feeding & Wedding services only

Areas Covered:

Cockermouth, Dearham, Little Broughton, Great Broughton, Broughton Cross, Brigham & Embleton




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